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Easily consult with Doctor, we assist to you from hospitalization to till discharge with discounted rate compared to regular price of that hospital or choice or your hospital.

Hospitalization is the admission of a patient to a hospital center ( hospital or clinic ).

There are several modes of hospitalization. The general case is one where the patient is referred by a general practitioner or specialist on the basis of a diagnosis  ; the patient makes an appointment, he can go to the hospital by his own means, or in an ambulance , transport sometimes being paid for by health insurance .

The patient can also be brought to the emergency reception service by an emergency vehicle ( ambulance type , emergency and victim assistance vehicle , mobile hospital unit ); he can also go there by his own means. See also: Emergency medicine .

There are other modes of hospitalization:

  • hospitalization at home  ;

  • day hospitalization ;

  • hospitalization without consent (or “ psychiatric internment”): in countries respecting human rights , hospitalization is normally voluntary; however, there are procedures for forced hospitalization in the interest of the patient or to protect those around him, in cases where it is considered that the patient is unable to exercise his free will;

  • social hospitalization , which health facilities seek to avoid.

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