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Major & Fine Surgery

We are experts to provide services like  critical complex suregry, with all advancement like robotic surgery, Kidney Transplant, Open Heart surgery etc.

Major surgery normally involves opening the body, allowing the surgeon access to the area where the work needs to be completed. It involves major trauma to the tissues, a high risk of infection, and an extended recovery period. Most major surgeries will leave a large scar.

Surgical procedures in both categories should be carefully considered. The risk involved is often outweighed by the benefits the procedure offers. Improving the quality of life and restoring health are the two main priorities when making the decision to go ahead with the procedure.

Minor surgical procedures are those that are minimally invasive. In most cases, these are performed laparoscopically or arthroscopically. Small incisions are made that allow surgical tools and a small camera to be inserted into the body. This allows the doctor to perform the procedure without damaging extensive amounts of tissue. The risk of infection is greatly reduced and the patient's recovery time is much shorter. There are also surgical procedures that are superficial, only affecting the outermost portions of the body

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